Action Heats Up In The Near Future Of The Resurrected #2

by James Ferguson

Detective Cain Duluth of the Special Division for the Resurrected (SDR) is healing up after a recent attack from a mysterious, masked foe. Once he’s awake, he joins his partner, Akimi Ozaki to get some answers from Drexler Nanotech Corporation. There’s a conspiracy in the works and a cover-up that Cain is trying to uncover. He’s got personal ties to this as Drexler’s release of nanotechnology led to the deaths of his family members and countless others in his home country of New Zealand.

The Resurrected takes steps to firm up its plot elements with its second issue. It’s also action-packed as rebellion forces move against Drexler. Cain is caught in the middle and after a stunning revelation, he’s forced into a very tough decision. Which side will he choose?

Artist Crizam Zamora choreographs some exciting action sequences, especially those with the masked attacker. She moves like a ninja, silently leaping over and around her opponents to deliver blow after blow. The panels layouts in these scenes is varied and matches up with the level of action on display. Zamora guides your eye through each punch, kick, and jab.

While the fight scenes are excellent, some of the calmer scenes appear a little flat. Characters are placed in awkward poses and look rather stiff and unyielding, like action figures placed in static positions.

The Resurrected is set in the near future in the year 2037. Although that doesn’t seem that far off, the series features a number of futuristic aspects including advanced cars and buildings. Colorist Salvatore Aiala solidifies the sci-fi feel with some bright colors with lots of blues. It makes it seem like this world is always under the light of something, whether it’s the glow of a screen or an electrified jail cell.

This feeling extends to the lettering to some extent. When the attacker reveals her backstory, letterer Cardinal Rae’s caption boxes are in this rounded shape, not quite a traditional rectangle. It’s like something you’d see in a future version of a tablet or piece of paper.

There’s still a lot of mystery in The Resurrected. Writer Christian Carnouche is peeling back each layer to reveal more information and expand the mythos of this world. Cain’s Aboriginal background is defined and reinforced, however it hasn’t played a major role in the story just yet. I think that will change as he encounters people that survived the techno-plague from his home country. He’ll be forced to decide which laws he wants to follow.

The Resurrected #2 is currently available from Comix Central and DriveThru Comics.

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