Doom Patrol Finds Its Cyborg With EastEnders’ Jovian Wade

by Erik Amaya


If there is one element missing from DC Universe’s Titans and Doom Patrol, it’s Cyborg. Vic Stone is a key part of the former and, according to descriptions of the latter, a key motivating factor in getting the Doom Patrol into business. But the character has finally been cast.

TVLine reports British actor Jovian Wade of EastEnders will play Vic on Doom Patrol. The cast includes Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane and April Bowlby Elasti-Woman. Bowlby will make her debut on Titans with a Doom Patrol who may not actually transfer over to the solo series despite the two sharing the same universe.

According to the official description, the team is led by Dr. Niles Caulder and consists of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Cyborg will also appear as a catalyst toward their first season adventure. Actors were cast to play Caulder, Robotman and Negative Man in their Titans appearance, but they are rarely mentioned in regard to Doom Patrol as a series. But considering the sort of reality-warping adventures the group gets into, suddenly become different people would be an average Tuesday for them.

Wade’s Cyborg is described as a “charming and sarcastic half-human” who “struggles to maintain the connections that make him human.” That definitely makes him more of a Doom Patrol character than a Titan, but perhaps he will transfer over in a subsequent seasons.

Doom Patrol will debut on DC Universe in 2019.

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