Big Finish Production Celebrates 20 Years Of Doctor Who Audio Dramas With New Adventures And Box Sets

by Olly MacNamee

Celebrating 20 years of producing Doctor Who audio dramas – and at a time when the good Doctor was exiled from our TV sets – Big Finish Productions have announced a slew of new releases to help commemorate the occasion.

This November sees their first release, a boxset featuring the Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy, accompanied by two companions from the Virgin Books’ New Adventures of Doctor Who, Yasmin Bannerman plays Roz Forrester and Travis Oliver plays Chris Cwej in Doctor Who – Seventh Doctor: The New Adventures. These books fill the gap left by Doctor Who’s disappearance and are fondly remembered by fans the world over.

The box set includes the following four stories:

1. The Trial of a Time Machine by Andy Lane
2. Vanguard by Steve Jordan
3. The Jabari Countdown by Alan Flanagan
4. The Dread of Night by Tim Foley

Speaking of the box set, producer and director Scott Handcock explains:

We’ve tried to make the most of the box set format, so we have four original hour-long stories reuniting the Doctor, Roz and Chris – and, of course, Sylvester, Yasmin and Travis, who struck up such a brilliant rapport on the adaptations. The four new tales tackle very different genres, in very different settings and times, with Chris and Roz creator Andy Lane kicking off the box set with his story, The Trial of a Time Machine. There really is something for everyone!”

The New Adventures will be released in November 2018, available as a CD box set for £23 or on download at £20 from

Then, look out for a Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) box set in March 2019, featuring adaptions from the comics by Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons. They will be:

1. Doctor Who and the Iron Legion adapted by Alan Barnes
2. Doctor Who and the Star Beast adapted by Alan Barnes

In these two adventures, we find the Fourth Doctor travelling with his famed elongated technicolour scarf for company. He’ll encounter the Iron Legion, an army of robotic Roman legionnaires, and in Doctor Who and the Star Beast, the Fourth Doctor encounters one of the deadliest and most adorable villains ever – Beep the Meep!

For more on this and further Big Finish Production releases, click here.

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