Peter Davison’s First Doctor Who Season To Be Next Classic Series Blu-ray Release

by Erik Amaya


The Classic Series Doctor Who Blu-ray range is heading to the 1980s.

According to Doctor Who News, Season 19 of the classic series will be the next limited edition box set release. Earlier this summer, Season 12 — Tom Baker’s first year as the Doctor — was the inaugural release in the new wave of complete season Blu-ray sets. Like that release, the complete Season 19 will feature upgraded picture and sound, extended versions of some episodes, archival special features from the original DVD releases, newly completed making-of documentaries, new episodes of the Blu-ray’s “Behind the Sofa” series, and a one-hour interview with Davison conducted by Matthew Sweet.

The stories in the set include Davison’s premiere, “Castrovalva,” and subsequent stories “Four to Doomsday,” “Kinda,” “The Visitation,” “Black Orchid,” “Earthshock,” and “Time-Flight.” All are interesting viewing for Doctor Who fans with “Earthshock” a legitimate classic. “Time-Flight,” an infamously terrible Doctor Who story, is a worthwhile watch thanks to a commentary track with Davison and co-stars Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton. Fielding spends most of the run-time making fun of the story’s baffling script and £3 budget.

The set arrives in the UK on November 19th. If the precedent from Season 12 holds, Season 19 will be released in the US as “Doctor Who: Peter Davison Complete Season One” within two weeks of the UK debut, but the Stateside release has not yet been confirmed.

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