Exclusive First Look At The Shattering Conclusion Of Ether: Copper Golems In Issue #5

by Hannah Means Shannon

Ether, written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by David Rubin has always been a poignant and beautiful series that runs wild with imaginative concepts about how other realities, and in particular the realities of storytelling, might work.

Now in its second series, “Copper Golems” at Dark Horse, the world of Ether once again reveals the experiences and history of main character Boone Dias, though this time around we learn a lot more about his personal life, his family, and the shattering decisions that he’s made in pursuit of science. We also see him attempt to take a team of magical beings on a very, very important quest.

In issue #5, coming up on September 19th, we’ll see the conclusion of the quest that Boone and his team have been undertaking, to locate portals between Earth and Ether and take control of them.

Dark Horse says:

With the final portal within their grasp, Boone, Grander, and team are on the cusp of saving both the Ether and Earth. However, victory won’t be sweet, as Ubel holds more power than once thought. This conclusion of book two packs in action while also pulling your heartstrings!

Here’s our First Look at the interior art on Ether: Copper Golems #5:

Ether: Copper Golems #5 on September 19th, 2018!

Also check out this super cool variant cover by Jen Bartel!

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