Iron Fist Season 2 Preview Focuses In On Stunts

by Erik Amaya


If there is one complaint about the first season of Iron Fist the production took to heart, it was in the way its stunts and fights were executed. They were sort of terrible. But as seen in this preview of the second season, stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, along with new stunt coordinator Clayton Barber, dedicated themselves to making the fights much, much better. And considering this is Iron Fist, good fight scenes are kind of a must.

Having seen a number of these fights during the Iron Fist panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July, I have to say they are definitely improved over last year. For one thing, the only memorable fight in the first season was Danny’s (Jones) fight with the drunken boxer. This time, I imagine people will be talking about the Chinese restaurant fight and Kun’lun fight for some time. The eventual Daughters of the Dragon fight and at least one tussle with Typhoid Mary (Alice Eve) will also inspire a few memes. And in a more positive light than the first season.

Iron Fist returns September 7th on Netflix.

Erik Amaya

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