5 Ways To Celebrate Batman Day Tomorrow

by Christine Marie Attardo

Did you know that this Saturday, September 15th, is Batman Day? Yep, it’s time to celebrate the world famous superhero. Here are five ways to celebrate:

One: Read/Re-Read one of Scott Snyder’s most famous arcs in the comic series, The Court of Owls. 

Two: Watch the Batman movies. I mean, if you have to choose one, I would choose Batman Returns. 

Three: Head to your local comic book store for events. DC Entertainment has encouraged all comic book stores to participate.

Four: No local comic book store nearby? Major retailers like Barnes & Noble are set to have Batman Day events as well.

Five: Put your apron on. The Internet is full of ideas for Batman baked goods.

The possibilities are endless. For more information, head on over to the home of Batman here.

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