Heat, Sand, And Violence: Remender & Bengal’s Death Or Glory #5

by Oliver MacNamee

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Glory Owen, she is confronted by her ex, the Mexican cartel and the bizzaro Dutch Twins. Lucky that she’s one of the meanest speedsters on the road, then, isn’t it?

As Rick Remender and Bengal’s fast and furious road adventure amps up another gear, Glory and her travelling companions, Pablo and Isabella, seem to be surrounded on all sides. It’s a series that relishes the art, which is very cinematic and dynamic, as I have come to expect from the talented Bengal. Hats off to letterer, Rus Wooton too, who makes use of unobtrusive speech balloons without the familiar dark lines that blend with the art, rather than sit heavily upon it, as I’ve seen in other comics with similar, finer art and warmer colours.

Considering this series could be easily summarised as one big car chase, set in Yuma against a backdrop of heat, sand and violence, the skills on show here own both the script and art, grabs you, and demands your attention. In the Dutch Twins and the wrestling-masked cartel big man, there’s enough larger-than-life characters to go round, even without the bent cops after her as well.

This issue has a sense of not only the dramatic, but the frantic too, as Glory races against the clock, and battles against mounting odds to try and save her father. By the end of the issue, there is some hope, but a long way to go, nonetheless. It’s another balls-to-the-wall issue, as have been the previous installments, with the end of the road finally in sight. They just have to get there in one piece, though.

Death or Glory #5 is out this Wednesday, the 19th of September from Image Comics.

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