“Welcome To The Purgatory Yacht Club, Bitch.” — Let’s Talk About The Wynonna Earp Season 3 Finale

by Erik Amaya


So before we get into this, let’s just have a general appreciation moment for Dani Kind.

Mercedes, since re-emerging on Wynonna Earp a few weeks back, has been a delight. And with this week’s final duo of season 3 episodes, we got to see Mercedes at her slipperiest. Whether it was strategically becoming Bulshar’s (Jean Marchand) bride, helping Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) out of tight space or outlining a renters agreement with Kate (Chantal Riley), Kind brings such a grace and appeal to an otherwise opportunistic character. She becomes our favorite opportunist as a result. Let’s just hope there is more Mercedes next year.

Meanwhile, Wynonna Earp‘s season finale did an amazing job wrapping up three years worth of story across the final two episodes and giving us something to mull over until season four debuts sometime next year. Let’s take a look at some of the storylines resolved.

Also, it should be noted, spoilers will abound from here. Do not pass go without the Flaming Sword of having watched the episodes.

Despite Mama Earp’s search for Julian, he was in Purgatory all along in the form of Wynonna’s ex-sort-of-boyfriend Charlie (Sebastian Pigott). There was always something strange about him from the get-go, but this week made it all clear as Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) brought him back from the dead and memories starting filtering back. When Wynonna tried to get them to leave the Ghost River Triangle, he took Waves to the Gibson greenhouse, which became very familiar to him. The clues just kept stacking, but it wasn’t until Doc (Tim Rozon) arrived in the hopes of drinking more angel blood that Waverly said the truth aloud.

And once Julian embraced his angelic identity, he became far more otherworldy than Charlie — granted, there was always something otherworldly about him — and it seemed Waverly’s destiny as outlined by Kevin (Anna Silk) last week was no longer an issue. But … we’ll come back to that.

Switching tracks over to Wynonna, we learned a couple of things which quickly became moot. The Earp Curse left Bulshar vulnerable in one key way: he could never touch an Earp as direct contact would prove fatal. This explains why he never faced her directly across all the months of his freedom. He literally couldn’t be near her for fear of what might happen. But that hardly matters now as Bulshar broke the curse to undo his weakness. Also, there was something about him needing to be mortal in order to enter the Garden of Eden. But the key take away here: Wynonna is no longer the heir and Alice is no longer doomed to fight the 77 men Wyatt killed in his life.

We should pause for a moment and take stock of this. The curse was a key part of the premise from the jump. It was showcased in a pitch video showrunner Emily Andras showed me when I visited the set back in 2015 and the main story engine throughout the first season. Back then, the focus was on the seven Revenants directly involved in Ward’s death, but the doom of the Earps continued to loom large in the subsequent year; particularly as Scrofano’s real live pregnancy introduced a new possible heir to continue the fight between the Revs and the Earps. Now, the curse literally disappeared in a flash. In fact, it was so quick that a number of Earpers on Twitter questioned whether the curse was really broken. I’m inclined to believe Wynonna’s feeling on the issue because three season feels like the right length for this story. It may not have been the exact victory fans may have wanted, but to continue the curse any longer was toying with a certain concept fatigue. And considering the other weird things populating the show’s world, relying on Revs was something Wynonna Earp stopped doing a ways back.

That said, the moment Wynonna got the Revs to join her side was just remarkable. I never thought a truce would be part of their end.

But the ending of Bobo Del Rey (Micheal Eklund) was exactly what was required. Despite the good man he once was, Bobo was utterly corrupted and needed to make one final choice to prove where he stood one and for all. Nevertheless, Waverly gave him the mercy he so desperately wanted even after he put Julian’s sword through his heart. As with so much of Wynonna Earp in the end, Bobo’s situation was always in Waverly’s hands and it was both heartbreaking and wonderful to see their relationship conclude the only way could.

Along those lines, the scene between Waverly and Doc in the Gibson greenhouse might be the most heartbreaking thing in both episodes. From the get-go, the pair have had an interesting dynamic which led me to think Waverly might be a Holiday once Bobo introduced the paternity issue. And yet, to see Doc corrupted enough that he would consider feeding on Waves was just too much. But, ultimately, that was just prologue to stunning climax of the season 3 story.

At the gates to the Garden, Wynonna, Waves and Bulshar have their final battle. Thanks to a trick Julian taught her before his death, Waverly was able to name Wynonna the new champion and return Peacemaker to her. The battle was a little bit perfunctory, but that’s because the emotions were more important than the action. And it needed to set up the sheer terror when Bulshar, reverting to snake form, bit Wynonna while Waverly could do nothing to help her. Which, in turn, set up the burst of emotion when Doc appeared to suck out Bulshar’s venom.

Oh, but then the tragedy!

Waverly, unable to escape the stairs, is pulled into the Garden gates by something and after a horrifying scream from the outer beyond, Doc manages to make his way to the gates to be Waverly’s weapon in the Garden. That’s powerful considering where Doc was not thirty minutes prior. But it also means, from a story point of view, Wynonna has lost all of the original team.

And, come to think of it, she’s lost the new team as well. Upon returning to the homestead, she found Nicole (Katherine Barrell), Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Robin (Justin Kelly) missing and the word “Valdez” scrawled on the stairwell. For readers of the Wynonna Earp comic, Valdez means something important and maybe more than the Garden situation, knowing that Valdez is coming makes the anticipation for Season 4 all the greater.

Luckily for Wynonna, one last person is still in town and Nedley (Greg Lawson) will be along for part of the ride next year.

But as it is our tradition to ask questions, let’s consider the creature in the Garden. It clearly wanted hold of Waverly for reasons other than protection. With Bulshar’s mortality, keeping watch on the Garden was less of an imperative. Unless, of course, Julian and Juan Carlos’s real purpose was never to keep others out, but to keep that thing in. So … what the hell is that thing? And is it related to the creature Willa was trying to unleash at the end of Season 1? Also, is God as missing as Bulshar claimed? And if so, why would the Almighty leave a portal to that thing on the Earth before abdicating their dominion?

Then there’s the most important question left dangling here at the end of Season 3: did Nicole actually say yes?

Wynonna Earp returns in 2019 on Syfy.

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