How Does Peter Parker Do In Spider-Man Trivia Anyway? Find Out In Amazing Spider-Man #6

by James Ferguson

Peter Parker takes a break from dealing with bad guys as Spider-Man to deal with the bad guy in his own home. Fred, aka the villain, Boomerang is one of Peter’s roommates and it’s clear that he is the absolute worst. That is…until he meets Mary Jane Watson. Peter doesn’t trust Fred at all, despite the front he puts up, so he keeps a close eye on him only to find himself at the Bar With No Name, a hangout for villains. He’s in luck though. It’s Spider-Man Trivia Night.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 is more than a little silly, however it’s a welcome dose of comic relief after the deep soul-searching we got in the previous issue. Peter barely wears his costume in this comic and the story is just as entertaining as ever. Writer Nick Spencer pulls us into a sitcom-like situation as Peter’s complicated life gets downright absurd.

A chunk of the issue is spent recapping past events to get new readers like myself up to speed. This is helpful, although it does come off a bit like a history lesson at times. There is no easy way to transition to and from these recaps. They just kind of drop right in there and lose any momentum that’s been built up.

Some of the images from these flashbacks are shown in a faded texture, like they’re old photographs or composite sketches of the past events. This helps distinguish these memories from the rest of the book.

You can’t not hate Boomerang. He’s a loser that lucked into some semblance of power after Hydra took over the country, so he’s using that to manipulate those around him. The problem is he’s way out of his league. How do you out think the Kingpin? There are brief moments where you almost feel sorry for the guy, but then he does something else to show his true colors. I think that Peter will find something good inside him and fight by his side once Boomerang’s luck runs out.

Artist Humberto Ramos brings his signature style back to Amazing Spider-Man. His characters are very expressive, saying a lot without having to describe their feelings. Peter’s expressions are the best as you can practically see his eyes rolling so hard that they’re pinballing in the back of his head.

There’s a bevy of obscure guest stars in Amazing Spider-Man #6 due to the setting. Every Z-grade villain is on display and I can only name a handful of them. These are ridiculous characters and it’s fun to pick them out from the crowd. Seriously, one guy has a big 8-ball for a head.

The Bar With No Name is lit like a seedy nightclub. Edgar Delgado’s colors use shadow well here, giving the appearance of dim lights and overall debauchery. The one change is in the bathroom, where the harsh florescent lighting exposes all of the filth that’s accumulated in this building.

There’s one sequence that feels a little off and not within Ramos’ style. Spider-Man tails Boomerang to a villain meetup with Beetle, Shocker, and a few others. The artwork looks completely different than the rest of the book, although no other artist is credited. It would be off for Ramos to abruptly change the look and feel of the book, especially for Boomerang, so I wonder what happened here.

Letterer Joe Caramagna’s work is solid as always. Peter’s internal narration is shown in simple white boxes with a red outline. I like how they’re placed throughout the book, guiding you through the artwork to ensure you get a chance to see everything.

While Peter’s life has changed drastically in only a few issues, he can’t escape that darn Parker luck. For every good moment, he’s bound to have some big bad ones coming his way, whether he’s aware of them or not. Amazing Spider-Man #6 gives us a nice change of pace to the usual web-slinging, however it’s clear that’s coming pretty soon as one night off for Peter Parker can lead to a whole slew of problems the next day.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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