PS4 Spider-Man Makes Marvel Comics Debut In Spider-Geddon #0

by James Ferguson

In case I needed another reminder that I’m potentially the only person not playing the new Spider-Man Playstation 4 game, I’ve got Spider-Geddon #0 to introduce the character into the Marvel Universe. The Superior Spider-Man drops by to recruit PS4 Spider-Man to the cause. Unlike what we’ve seen in Edge of Spider-Geddon, this isn’t cut and dry. This Spider-Man has questions and can’t just up and leave without taking care of a few loose ends – or should I say side quests? – before joining the fight.

This mix of Spider folks creates an interesting dynamic. On one side you’ve got Otto Octavius who is trying to be a better person after a life of crime, although still feels…well…superior to everyone else. On the other side you’ve got this upstart Peter Parker who’s got a good thing going as Spider-Man in this world, despite what J. Jonah Jameson might say on his podcast. (Seriously, I love how JJJ is basically a conspiracy nut on this world.) They can compare notes and provide each other with some much needed perspective.

Throughout this encounter, Otto laments that of all the worlds out there, there must be one where Spider-Man doesn’t talk. It’s funny to see how annoyed he gets over time with all the quips and jokes that are tossed out both in and out of combat. Writer Christos Gage packs this issue with some great dialogue that becomes just as exciting as the action.

There are times where Otto’s snide speech comes through in the letters. Travis Lanham makes some of Otto’s words come across as even more pompous, particularly when he first shows up, basically expecting this Spider-Man to just follow him based on the sound of his voice.

I will read anything that Clayton Crain draws. He has an incredible style that often feels like the images are moving across the page. This is perfect for a Spider-Man comic. I love how he zooms in on Otto’s spider-bots in the midst of battle, showing an impressive amount of detail on these little guys before zooming back out to show what they’re really capable of.

This issue gives us folks who haven’t played the game yet a good idea of what this Spider-Man’s life is like. It does feel like it should have been Edge of Spider-Geddon #5 instead of Spider-Geddon #0 as it doesn’t seem like the true start of the event. It’s more about getting the different Spider folks together.

The event aspect could come from the additional story from writer Jed MacKay, artist Javier Garron, and colorist Israel Silva. This gives us a quick glimpse as to what some of the other Spider people have been up to, sending out some robots to do some searches. I don’t fully understand the villain or what they’re doing here yet so this is presented without some context. For someone who’s jumping back into Spider-Man, I was left somewhat in the dark.

This is a rather ominous story though and leaves off on a great cliffhanger. The interaction between some of the different Spider-Men are great and will surely be a high point of Spider-Geddon as a whole. I just want this to start already because I can’t wait to see all these characters thrown together in a fight over the multiverse.

Spider-Geddon #0 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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