NYCC 2018: Why Dan Didio Hates Dick Grayson

by Noah Sharma

Asked why he hates Nightwing, Dan DiDio answered back, “Why do people love Nightwing? Because he ages with you.” That’s where the problem arises. Nightwing grows up, but Batman doesn’t, and he ages the DC Universe with him. Didio worries that as you age these characters they become very similar to the characters they replace (Wally’s evolution into the Flash and Dick becoming Batman were used as examples) and then you create new characters to fill the roles that the aging characters left vacant. The audience was not swayed, a loud contingent offered a simple answer “Then let Bruce retire!”

There was much love for the legacy characters in the room and some real bitterness towards Didio. For his part, Didio didn’t seem to mind. “You should care,” he yelled back. To the man in charge, this is not a turn away from the ethos of Rebirth but a further evolution of it.

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