5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 1: “The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving Festival”

by Sage Ashford

A year has passed since the fall of the Dark Guild Tartaros, and now the trio of Natsu, Happy, and Lucy set off to bring their friends back together. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

Welcome to another edition of 5 Point Discussions. In my endless quest to cover as many shonen series as possible, I’ve decided to pick up one of my favorite action shonen series of all time: Fairy Tail! For a quick recap of where we are when the series picks up: the end of Fairy Tail (2014) saw the guild go up against it’s most dangerous threat yet–the dark guild Tartaros. The Tartaros arc featured some cool moments like Gray finally upgraded into someone who isn’t a scrub, and some goofy ones like Erza vs. Kyoka, but it ultimately ended with the defeat of Tartaros…and the dismantling of Fairy Tail by their guild leader, Makarov. Oh and also Natsu’s apparently the demon Tartaros is borderline worshipping, E.N.D. Whatever the story is on that I suspect we’ll learn more soon enough. Speaking of, let’s get into this week’s episode, which starts with Lucy and Natsu attempting to reform Fairy Tail!

1. In this latest time skip, only a single year has passed, but we’re in shonen land so you know any time skip results in an absurd level of growth for everyone. In Natsu’s case, it seems the control over his magic ability has improved drastically–up to now, he’s always been known for more power than finesse, but between the events of the Tartaros arc and a year of training, he’s grown quite a bit at both.

This week he spends half the episode looking for something to punch, and he finally manages to find one–several miles away, with a group of bandits stealing a helpless man’s cart. His resolution for this is some next-level BS, so I’m going to remind you for the first of what I’m sure will be many times: Fairy Tail Makes Zero Sense. Anyway, to stop these bandits Natsu sends out a homing flamethrower whip that manages to perfectly knock out all three bandits while simultaneously not hurting either the cart OR its owner…while also never being in the line of sight of any of them. The point to this, presumably, is that when Natsu finally gets to cut loose it’s going to make all of his previous fights look embarrassing.

2. After reminding us of some of the basic familiar relationships of the series, we’re reminded of another staple of Fairy Tail: relentless fanservice. While I can blunt myself to a lot of fanservice after two decades of being an anime fan, Fairy Tail was always particularly egregious and it usually bugs me because this show can be really good…but it’s hard to recommend it when you get a load of some of the show’s more…lascivious moments.

That said, this week’s isn’t “that bad”. While exploring Margaret, the city under the protection of magic guild Lamia Scale, they find Wendy’s teamed up with them in Fairy Tail’s absence when they see her and Sherria doing a surprisingly modern idol performance for the people of the city. While Natsu and the others are still reeling from that, they run into Carla–who’s figured out how to transform into a human catgirl. Supposedly it allows her to fight better and somehow increases her magic, so hopefully she’ll be included in more fights…but for now you know it’s just to give fanboys something else to drool over. Sigh. The more things change…

3. So most of this episode sees Natsu, Happy, and Lucy talking about how they’re going to reform Fairy Tail no matter what. But what they take for granted is whether their former guildmates even want to join up again in the first place. Lucy’s done the research to track down most of the members, and they’re going to go finding them one by one. Their conversation with Wendy lasts barely a minute before Natsu picks her up and says they’re leaving, which makes it all the more shocking when she tells them she’s got no intention of leaving Lamia Scale. In her defense, it’s understandable why she wouldn’t want to–after the guild was disbanded no one came and found her for a year, and she made a new home with Lamia Scale, which is presumably much less dramatic and has far fewer people trying to kill her.

Fairy Tail’s never been especially deep, but I do hope this arc continues to ask the question whether or not the guild even needs to reform at all.

4. Never get between a Dragon Slayer and his cat. Despite what I said earlier, even Lamia Scale has enemies. While they’re throwing their annual Thanksgiving parade, we find a dark guild known as Orochi’s Fin planning an attack on Margaret, and at night they finally decide to strike. They send a massive army of one hundred thousand giant beasts toward the city, and Lamia Scale–along with Natsu and Lucy–are forced to figure out a plan very quickly.

Happy and Carla decide they can carry Natsu and Wendy to Orochi’s Fin while the rest deal with the monsters, only for Sherria to boot Natsu in the face and steal Happy out of a desire for Lamia Scale to handle Lamia Scale business. But you don’t steal a guy’s cat without repercussions, so Natsu tears through the monsters they were making such a big deal of to get his buddy back. I’d say he left Lucy and the rest of Lamia Scale to fend for themselves, but from the looks of things he easily cut their numbers by a solid third, so…I guess that’s one way to help with a besieged city?

5. Next Episode: It’s the Sky Dragon Slayer and the Sky God Slayer versus an entire Dark Guild! More than likely Natsu’s going to have to help, but Wendy and Sherria are pretty skilled so with any luck they’ll let us see just how much stronger they’ve gotten in a year before he shows up and roasts everyone.

Fairy Tail: Final Season is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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