Infinity Wars #4 Is Like House Of M Redux

by James Ferguson

Gamora has folded reality in half and shoved it into the Soul World, merging the minds and bodies of a number of heroes. Loki is playing the part of the unlikely hero, trying to set everything straight. He’s got a plan, but he needs some specific heroes. His first stop is to the X-Mansion where he meets a very suave Logan, who has been merged with Emma Frost. Think about that for a moment.

Infinity Wars #4 plays out a bit like the mid-point of House of M, where Loki goes around waking up characters to the true reality. In this case, he’s splitting them up, but not before we get a taste of the new amalgamation that Gamora has created. “Emmarine” is just the tip of the iceberg.  We also get a pint-sized Hulk and Ms. Kang the Conqueror (Ms. Marvel + Kang).

Writer Gerry Duggan’s dialogue in these scenes in hilarious, particularly that of Wolverine.  When he looks up at a raving soul-eating monster who just came between him and some alcohol, he looks up at this creature and says “You killed my beer.” This humor provides some comic relief from the epic scope of the overall story.

While this change has only happened recently, to the characters themselves, it’s been like this their whole lives. Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding out that your entire life up until that point had been a fabrication. It’s quite a shock and these heroes are handling it surprisingly well.  Granted, some of them have been through situations like this before.

Artist Mike Deodato Jr uses an interesting layout throughout Infinity Wars. Larger images are broken up into smaller panels. Some are missing, adding to the overall chaos of the story. It makes the comic feel very grand and epic which is fitting, given the subject matter.

Deodato Jr’s characters are exquisite and finely detailed. They’re all very expressive and you instantly get an idea of their personality from how they appear on the page. For example, Emma Frost is dripping confidence while Ms. Marvel is pure innocence.  Where the artist knocks it out of the park is with the monster, Devondra. This creature feeds on souls and appears out of nowhere.

Colorist Frank Martin makes Devondra look like a snarling cloud of blood, bursting onto the scene in a flurry of tentacles. Everything about this creature is violent and angry. It creates a nice contrast against the otherwise somber landscape of the Soul World.

This is just part of the events of Infinity Wars. Gamora is getting close to the edge of the universe. She’s reached a wall that even she can’t see beyond with the Infinity Stones. It does sound similar to what happened over in the DC Universe with Justice League: No Justice, so I’m curious if she’ll break through and discover something terrifying on the other side.

Gamora is haunted by her father, Thanos.  His ghost hovers over her like a twisted conscience.  She’s gone farther than he ever did so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Letterer Cory Petit uses a rougher word balloon shape for the Mad Titan, adding to the intensity of his presence, if only in his daughter’s mind.

Infinity Wars is playing out not just in this universe, but in all of them at once. I wonder if and how they might all fold together, possibly creating a whole new reality and bringing back characters that are dead in this universe, but not in others. There’s a definite ominous tone in this series as we enter the second half. For now, I’m content with exploring the fun mash-ups of characters on display until they all come together to stop Gamora in her tracks.

Infinity Wars #4 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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