Unicorns, Fairy Godmothers And Puppets Invade Legends Of Tomorrow In New Season 4 Trailer

by Erik Amaya


The Legends of Tomorrow are poised for their greatest adventure yet. And if this new trailer for the upcoming fourth season is any indication, the show is going for broke. The preview features homicidal unicorns, angry fairy godmothers and a demon who looks like a puppet version of the late Martin Stein. And that’s just the stuff definitely on screen. The team may also face a kraken or a kaiju — possibly one creature — and other characters of myth as John Constantine (Matt Ryan) joins the team to seal the time prison the Legends opened last season to defeat Mallus. But as you’ll see, the quest to send the monsters back to Hell will be packed with action, comedy and Gary (Adam Tsekhman).


If you can’t tell, this show is a personal fave and a perfect antidote to the doldrums of Arrow. As it happens, both shows are partnered up this year and examples of just how wide the Arrowverse can be. While Ollie fights his guilt (again), the Legends fight unicorns.

Legends of Tomorrow returns next Monday on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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