Vinessa Vidotto Joins Lucifer As Remiel

by Erik Amaya


The Host is about to get a little bit bigger.

Deadline reports actor Vinessa Vidotto has joined the cast of Netflix’s Lucifer as the Angel Remiel. Described as the “classic little-sister,” she will plague D.B. Woodside’s Amenadiel in a recurring capacity. As Deadline puts it, “Remiel idolizes her big brother but dealing with the self-righteous alpha-dog of angels isn’t always easy.”

A version of Remiel appeared in the pages of The Sandman, where he accepted stewardship of Hell alongside the Angel Duma. Characterized as more of a middle-manager, he tries to restore Hell’s status quo, but seems to miss the finer points of Damnation. He later begged Lucifer to resume his dominion over Hell, but was laughed at. In the pages of Lucifer, he and Duma eventually leave Hell behind, but as the television version of Lucifer has always gone its own way, this version of Remiel is substantially different.

What that means for Lucifer, though, remains to be seen. The fourth season will debut on Netflix next year.

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