A Preview Of Next Week’s Flash Teases The Truth About Iris

by Erik Amaya


Since Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) made her presence known to Team Flash, she has been standoffish with her mother Iris (Candice Patton). At first, it just seemed to be a by-product of Nora missing her father, who disappeared in a Crisis shortly before or after she was born. But if this preview for next week’s episode is to be believed, the cause of their strained relationship is something more personal.

But what could Iris have done in the future to make Nora so reluctant to engage? The reference in the teaser to short tempers suggests Iris did something unkind to clamp down Nora’s energized spirit. Maybe Iris used some sort of power dampener on her as a child? From the waterworks on display, it might even be something abusive. Which, while shocking, is nonetheless an interesting wrinkle in Iris’s character.

Meanwhile, Cicada (Chris Klein) is shaping up to be a worthy foe for the team as he defies all of their usual methods — even outsmarting a new visiting Wells (Tom Cavanagh). His motivation also seems more interesting. It might be simple revenge for a meta attack which put his daughter in the hospital, but after years of grandiose villains and obsessed speedsters, this feels right for the show.

Oh, also, has anyone else noticed that Jesse L. Martin is always sitting in his scenes this year?

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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