The Thirteenth Doctor Gets Thirteen Variant Covers For Her First Issue From Titan Comics

by Oliver MacNamee
Cover A Babs Tarr

With Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #1 out next week, Titan have released their whole range of variant covers featuring both art (and from female creators) and photo covers, as you would expect. I really. really like Cover J, the Puppet Doctor cover, utilising the amazing puppets created by Alisa Stern. Check out all the covers here, and check out Alisa’s Doctor Puppet You Tube channel too.

Cover B
Cover C: Alice X Zhang
Cover D: Rachel Stott
Cover E: Santa Anwar
Cover F: Paulina Ganucheau
Cover G: Sarah Graley
Cover H: Ariela Kristantina & Jessica Kholinne
Cover I: Katie Cook
Cover J: Doctor Puppet
Cover K: Anetha Stamos/cosplay
Cover L: Babs Tarr
Cover M: Blank

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