Follow The Evolution Of Monster Hunter In Art Books From UDON Entertainment

by James Ferguson

Fans of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series will soon have a way to enhance the gaming experience with two art books coming from UDON Entertainment. The hardcover collections will showcase a variety of artwork from over a decade’s worth of video games in the franchise.

First up is Monster Hunter Illustrations 1, focused on the first two generations of games in the series. This will include artwork from Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter G, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Monster Hunger Freedom Unite. The hardcover will also include interviews and commentaries from Series World Supervisor Fujioka Kaname and designers Kambe Tomonori and Edayan. All in all, this book clocks in at over 300 pages of characters, monsters, armor and weapon designs, plus sketches that show the evolution of Monster Hunter from concept to completion.

Monster Hunter Illustrations 1 is set for release on November 20th, 2018 and will retail for $44.99.

Following shortly after the first title is the aptly named Monster Hunger Illustrations 2. This is an even bigger collection with 400 total pages, featuring artwork from the third generation games including Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The visual evolution continues here with even more creature and character designs, armor and weapon details, tons of sketches, and additional commentary from series designers Takamasa Yamada, Yukiko Endo, Edayan, Koki Kinoshita, and more.

Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 is set for release on December 4th, 2018 and will retail for $54.99.

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