Fans Are Happy They Can Take Diablo 3 Anywhere With The Switch

by Christine Marie Attardo

The initial release of Diablo III was in 2012. Now, six years later, the highly addicting game has been released on the Nintendo Switch and fans are thrilled. There’s nothing better than one of your favorite games turning into a handheld game, am I right?

This is my first time playing Diablo and I have to say, I have been really enjoying it. Fans that have been playing the game for years weighed in on how they feel about the port:

Here’s what IGN writer, Ryan McCaffrey had to say:

If you’ve never played Blizzard’s legendary loot-grinder, the Eternal Collection on Switch lives up to its name; you’ll find no shortage of content and characters to fill dozens of hours. And, by the way, you’re in for a treat. But even if you’re like me and the Switch is your third Diablo 3 platform, I still heartily endorse it because, quite simply, this is a complete and polished Diablo package that you can play anywhere from Heaven to Hell and everywhere in-between.

All in all, I think this is a great, top-down, game to play. The co-op option is also super fun as well. Grab your copy of Diablo III on the Switch today.

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