Disney Animation Interns Create A Magical Short

by Christine Marie Attardo

You know what’s cool? Imagining being talented enough to be part of Walt Disney Animation Studios CG & Art intern program. We watch the movies, we love them, but how often do we think of how they get created? This internship lasts 8-weeks and this year it has resulted in an absolutely adorable short.

According to Oh My Disney:

While in past years, each intern in the program focused on a single discipline—for example, animation or lighting—this year’s CG & Art interns were asked to have a hand in all levels of production, from story development to execution.

The short, entitled, Voilà, only lasts for a minute, but it will warm your heart…trust me. What I love about it, is the simplicity. I think that’s what Disney always manages to capture this magical feeling.


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