Listen To My Art Podcast Episode 15: Batwoman In Elseworlds Commentary

by Tito W. James

In this episode of Listen to My Art I give a commentary track for Episode 2 of CW’s Elseworlds crossover event. The episode can be watched via CW’s website. So line up episode 2 and with the podcast to hear my thoughts on Batwoman’s introduction.

If you enjoyed this unconventional episode then you should check out my previous podcast discussing Castlevania.

Tito W. James

Tito W. James writes action adventure comics for all ages that juxtapose creepy content with beautiful imagery. He is the mastermind behind CROSSBONE JONES and GANGSTERS VS GATORS. Tito’s goal is to create comics that capture the bombastic fun of old comics with the emotional resonance of new ones. ​

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