The End Arrives In Final Voltron: Legendary Defender Trailer

by Erik Amaya


The final Voltron: Legendary Defender season is nearly here and Netflix marked the occasion with a fantastic final trailer. The images are evocative and teasing. The Altaeans appear to be back, and Prince Lotor seems to have survived. But as the Paladins of Voltron prepare for one final fight, the galaxy must pick sides. Will the universe finally be rid of the Galra Empire or will it fall into darkness?

The trailer comes with a bittersweet note as it promotes the final episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The series proved you can revamp old 80s cartoons into something with more substance and style. The characterizations were deeper, the mythology more complex and the situations more nuanced than just about anything on the old show — and the old show was sourced from a violent Japanese cartoon! This time around, the program was more cohesive and the voice acting was spectacular. To say nothing of the tremendous animation. Sadly all things must end. While there’s certainly enough characters to populate a Vehicle Voltron spinoff, executive producers Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos are off to make movies in the animated Spider-Verse. And it seems without their guidance, Voltron will take another break. But at least the completed series will be available for years to come.

The final 13 episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender debut on Netflix tomorrow.

Erik Amaya

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