Midoriya Izuku And Asta Enter The Stage In The New Jump Force trailer

by Sage Ashford

After being revealed in a V-JUMP scan, two of the newest generation of heroes of Shonen Jump finally make their appearance in a trailer for Jump Force. Asta has his Black Hurricane attack and “Black Asta” transformation, while Deku displays his One for All Full Cowl abilities, though he’s surprisingly using an earlier form rather than his “Shoot Style” abilities.

Between Deku and Asta, the amount of characters in Jump Force rises to 33, with representatives from 13 different series. Still, with two months remaining there’s still plenty of time for Bandai-Namco to announce more characters for this 3v3 arena fighter. The number of Naruto characters is notoriously low considering the series’ popularity, and it’s unlikely Black Clover or My Hero Academia will only finish with one representative each.

Jump Force is scheduled to release February 14th, 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sage Ashford

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