Saving The Holidays From Ragnarok With Klaus And The Crying Snowman

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Klaus and Lilli fight tree creatures to protect the people of Earth, and they are soon joined by Yule-Goat and Father Frost. They bring tidings of a comet that may bring the end of the world. The Nightborn return to Earth, and, the last time they were here, they brought Ragnarok upon the Aesir gods. The trio decide to split up and stop the Nightborn from reaching Earth. Before Klaus departs, a crying snowman arrives, and he has no memory of how he became a snowman. Klaus convinces him to help, and the two go to Titan to stop the Nightborn.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman cover by Dan Mora
Klaus and the Crying Snowman cover by Dan Mora

I didn’t read the original Klaus miniseries, so I’m coming to Klaus and the Crying Snowman fresh. I’ve affection for heroic and fantastical interpretations of Santa Claus, so this comic’s concept hits a sweet spot for me.

The execution doesn’t disappoint either. Klaus is a jovial and optimistic warrior hero who only seeks to maintain peace and happiness throughout the winter season. His allies are quite cool too, with Yule-Goat being an especially enjoyable figure in the story.

The tale of the Crying Snowman himself is a sad tale, but the comic gives it a happy ending. I know this is kind of a spoiler as to what is going on with the Snowman, but does anyone remember Jack Frost with Michael Keaton?

Klaus draws upon myriad mythologies and fairytales, but there is something anarchically creative in how it all comes together. The Norse theme of this story is a treat, especially considering I finished God of War 2018 not too long ago.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman art by Dan Mora and letterer Ed Dukeshire
Klaus and the Crying Snowman art by Dan Mora and letterer Ed Dukeshire

Dan Mora does fantastic work in bringing this seasonal skirmish to life. Klaus, Yule-Goat, Father Frost, and the Nightborn all bear great visual designs. The action scenes are bombastic and thunderous. The color art is vibrant and suits the winter theme of the story.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman is a welcome winter’s tale from this past week. The story is lively, creative, and a ton of fun, and the artwork is phenomenal. This one easily earns a recommendation. Give it a read if you’re looking for a some holiday cheer in your comic.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman comes to us from writer Grant Morrison, artist, cover artist, and variant cover artist Dan Mora, letterer Ed Dukeshire, and variant cover artist Humberto Ramos with Edgar Delgado.

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