Man-Eaters #4 Is An Artifact From Another World

by Tony Thornley

Man-Eaters #4 is kind of a difficult thing to talk about. Rather than a sequential story, instead we take a break from the ongoing action and get an in-universe magazine for 28 pages.

The ongoing art team gets a break this issue, which is written by Chelsea Cain, with the cover and production by Lia Miternique, additional art by Stella Greenvoss, and additional writing by Eliza Fantastic Mohan.

We get a peek behind the curtain of Estro-Corp, the company that seems to be profiting the most off of Toxo X. Between articles about a cat attack, how to defend yourself, and an advice column, this magazine gives us everything we need to know about being a man living in the world of Man-Eaters.

So I’m of two minds of this issue.

This is a wonderfully written piece of satire. This issue skewers toxic masculinity page after page, showing how toxic masculinity can take over the world. In universe, it shows how terrifying this world is for everyone living in it, but to us, it’s pure satire. It was a fun and pretty funny read.

However, on the flip side, the timing of this issue was weird and might have been too soon. The story just got rolling after a couple issues of world-building. The third issue ended on a stunning cliffhanger, and got me really excited. Now the story grinds to a halt for this.

It’s good, but it’s mistimed. This issue brings the momentum of the previous issue to a standstill, and I don’t know if it’s the best move for the series. I do understand there might be a plethora of reasons for the timing, but for me it doesn’t quite work.

So overall, this was a good issue, and essential bit of world building. I just don’t know if now was the right time to do it.

Man-Eaters #4 is available now from Image Comics.

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