Run The Jewels Megamix Video Drops

by Oliver MacNamee

Not quite comic book related news, but I’d like to think we’re a little bit more than that and keep ’em peeled for pop cultural happenings here and there along the way. So, it’s with this in mind that I’d like to draw your attention to rap group Run The Jewels (RTJ), who do have some crossover with comics and animation.

As a New Year’s present to their subscribers, RTJ have just released a video mix featuring some of the highlights of their gruelling 3 year touring schedule that started in 2015 and saw them on the road right through until the end of 2018!

Taken from the view of their DJ Trackstar while onstage, it’s an energetic, colourful, fast-paced video edited to perfection over a a mix of their own top tunes that shows how their audiences have grown over that three-year journey.

Not a subscriber? Well, one, you should be and two, here’s the video for you now! Having got to see ’em twice in 2017, I’ll be looking out for myself eagerly. Very tall white guys tend have a tendency to stand out like that at some rap concerts. Although, looking through the assorted footage, it would seem rap concerts and the demographic have severely changed since the days of Ice T and NWA. I blame the parents!

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