Carol Shows Off Sass And Photon Blasts In A New Captain Marvel Special Look

by Erik Amaya


Marvel has released a “special look” video for the upcoming Captain Marvel. Essentially a 90-second television spot, the video also proves to be the most energetic trailer yet released for the film. As it turns out, you sometimes need to open a preview with Elastica’s “Connection” to bring the whole thing together. Additionally, Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) more stoic persona from the earlier trailers gives way to more of her sassy side as she trades barbs with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and shows off a photon blast.

While I’ve been all in with the movie for sometime, getting to see some more light-hearted moments with Carol is a nice change of pace. And considering the general sternness of the Kree we’ve met so far, Carol’s sense of humor may prove to set her more apart from her alien comrades than she realizes. Maybe the Marvel penchant for quipping will be a worthwhile plot point in this film.

Captain Marvel opens on March 8th.

Erik Amaya

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