How Long Can Sanity Prevail In House Amok #4?

by Oliver MacNamee

Continuing their American road trip from Hell this week are the Sandifers as we catch up with them in House Amok #4 by Christopher Sebela (author), Shawn McManus (artist), Lee Loughbridge (colourist) and Neil Uyetake (letterer). Dylan might be sane, but what about the rest of her family?

Here’s your preview of this week’s issue, out Wednesday, the 9th of January.

Dylan is sane again and trapped inside her family’s madness as it drags them all further across America and deeper down a rabbit hole full of delusions and murder. But as the attacks from the forces of the Elders begin to warp the world and even their own home on wheels, Dylan will have to choose between saving her family or saving herself.

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