The Flash #61 Throws Barry In The Deep End

by Tony Thornley

Each issue of The Flash’s Force Quest storyline has been centered around escalation. Barry and Iris keep getting deeper and deeper in tough situations, and it’s really strengthened the series.

This issue comes to us from Joshua Williamson, Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands with a cover by David Yardin.

Barry and Fuerza face off against Cauldron, who has somehow gotten a Sage Force powered weapon. Barry stops the fascist commander, and keeps Fuerza from losing control. The confrontation also gives Barry and Iris a lead on their next stop–the supervillain controlled country of Zandia!

Williamson centers this story in its characters. After the time last issue took on building Fuerza as a character, the resolution of this issue is centered on that, and helping her center herself. It creates an emotionally satisfying arc for her, as well as resolution for her story for the time being while Barry moves on.

While I was a little disappointed seeing a different artist credited on this issue’s cover, Duce’s work instantly expelled that thought. He’s evolved a lot since his relatively recent debut, with line art full of detail and solid page composition and layouts. Combined with Guerrero’s consistently good color art, it keeps up the pace of the storyline so far and stands on its own.

Keeping a title this consistently good for so long is tricky in the comic industry, and I’m glad to say that The Flash is one of the best examples of that on the market today.

The Flash #61 is available now from DC Comics.

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