5 Point Discussions: Mob Psycho 100 2 – Episode 1

by Anna Lindwasser

Mob Psycho 100 has debuted its hotly anticipated second season, and it’s every bit as awesome as expected. Let’s break down the first episode.

1. 3D animation seems to be playing a bigger role in the new season than it did in the first. This is a bold choice considering the fact that the original web manga by ONE features a relatively simple art style, but it’s working in its favor. The 3D animation helps bring the psychic battles to life, without having too much awkward character movement.

2. Mob’s romantic encounter with Emi was just so authentically middle school. Kids really do dare each other to ask out unpopular classmates as a joke, and they really do hang around people who treat them poorly just to avoid being alone. Thankfully, they also meet people like Mob, who seizes on opportunities to be kind, even to people who haven’t been completely kind of him.

The storyline not only deepened Mob’s character, but it made it clear that the writers know what they’re talking about when it comes to the world of pre-teens. I hope Emi finishes her book.

3. The first episode did a great job setting up for the next stage of Mob’s emotional development. Now that he’s accepted his psychic powers and has gotten a little more comfortable discussing them with others, he has to decide what he wants to do with them. He’s being pulled in multiple directions – Mezato wants him to lead a cult, Reigen wants him to make money for him. But what does Mob want for himself?

The typical advice about writing is that protagonists have to have a clear goal in mind, but the truth is that defining your desires is just as difficult as achieving them is. The fact that Mob isn’t there yet is what makes him such a relatable and interesting protagonist.

4. Reigen’s interaction with the farmer in the beginning of the episode gave some interesting insight into his personality and process. He has a clear business plan, which shows that he’s a shrewd and intelligent man who isn’t just wasting time. But he’s willing to accept a vegetable starter kit as payment for a task that threatens both his and Mob’s life. The man contains multitudes.

5. The new OP, 99.9 by MOBCHOIR, isn’t quite as much of a bop as the old one. It’s not bad, and it’s definitely captured the same vibe that the first one did, but it also doesn’t really add anything new. It would have been cool to see them go with a different musical genre, or maybe another animation style. Right now, I just miss the old OP, but I’m sure this one will grow on me.

What did you think of the first episode?

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