IDW To Launch ‘Amoeba’ Tile-Laying Game In May

by Hannah Means Shannon

IDW Games has announced the arrival of “infectious fun” (heh) this Spring with Amoeba, a tile-laying game by HG Game Worx Studio.  Amoeba is a game for two to four players in which players draw and place tiles in order to build the biggest Amoebas. The game is set to arrive in May 2019.

The game is designed by Heidi and Greg Preslicka and artwork is by Sebastian Koziner and Greg Preslicka.

Amoeba has players place tiles on a shared board, connecting edges to form different-sized amoebas. The goal of the game is to capture as many amoeba segments as possible by placing “Nuclei markers” on them. The twist to the game is players may use tiles from their hand to “split” completed Amoebas and reduce their opponents’ scores.

Look for Amoeba to hit stores in May 2019. In the meantime, IDW Games will unveil more details about the game on And for up-to-the-minute info, be sure to “like” and follow @idwgames on twitter. 

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