Midgard Is Under Siege In Marvel’s War Of The Realms #2

by James Ferguson

Marvel’s next big event, War of the Realms, kicks off in April. While that’s still a few months away, the publisher is already teasing subsequent issues. All ten realms fall to Malekith and his army except for one. That would be Midgard. Thor is missing and that may cost New York City everything. All of the other heroes of the Marvel Universe have joined forces to fight back Malekith’s forces, but will that be enough to stop this endless war?

Editor Will Moss says:

In April’s War of the Realms #1, Malekith’s invasion starts in Manhattan, but he doesn’t just want to conquer part of Earth — he wants the whole realm! The heroes will have a hard enough time just defending New York from Malekith’s forces — but when they realize the full scope of his attack in April’s War of the Realms #2, they’ll have to make some daring and surprising moves in order to stop Malekith and his army of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, Trolls and more from taking over the entire planet! And as with any war, this world at war will have some casualties…

War of the Realms is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson.

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