Dreamer Comics Podcast: Bernard Chang On Making Comic Art

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve been spotlighting the Dreamer Comics Podcast, hosted by Omar Spahi, on Comicon.com lately, and it’s an enterprise that takes several formats. You can experience it in full audio, short audio clips, full video on Youtube, or short video clips, also on Youtube. It’s built for customization in that way, depending on your preferred delivery method for insights into the craft of making comics from industry professionals.

Today, we’re bringing you a full audio interview from the Dreamer Comics Podcast, one with prolific comic artist of Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, X-Men and more, Bernard Chang.

DCP says:

When it comes to breaking into comics, Bernard has a journey like none other. He leaned into his artwork through architecture and a passion for creating beauty. Bernard goes into how he started working at Valiant and Disney and ultimately found his home in making comic books.

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