Nintendo Announces Reboot Of Metroid Prime 4

by Sage Ashford

After nearly two years of silence, Nintendo has finally revealed an update on the status of Metroid Prime 4, the sequel to the beloved first-person action/exploration title that saw both critical and commercial success on the GameCube. One of the biggest announcements of E3 2017, Nintendo was only able to reveal a title card for the game, indicating the title was likely very early in development, or not quite up to the standards Nintendo felt comfortable showing game play for.

Since then however, fans have remained in the dark concerning nearly everything, save for the occasional rumor that made its way from the depths of gaming forums and Twitter accounts. The rumors were that the title was being developed by a third party studio, with most of them pointing to Bandai-Namco. While there was never any hard confirmation, it appears that since then Nintendo has decided the game as it was simply wasn’t up to the standards they expected. As such, they’ve decided to scuttle what exists of the game in its current form, and instead allow producer Kensuke Tanabe to work with the original developer behind the Metroid Prime series, Retro Studio.

Though Retro has been silent since the release of their 2014 game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, rumors have said they were working on a Star Fox racing game. Whatever they were working on, whether it’s been canceled or close enough to release that Retro can work on both games, what we do know is that Metroid Prime 4 is likely a long way away from its first proper game play reveal.

Sage Ashford

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