She’s Back And Better Than Ever! Bo Peep Will Return In Toy Story 4

by Christine Marie Attardo

News is buzzing about Toy Story 4,set to release this Summer. This week brought the announcement of a familiar character coming back to the gang! That’s right. Bo Peep is back! Remember her?

We last saw Bo in the 1999 movie, Toy Story 2. It was a sad moment for fans when they discovered that she wasn’t in the third one. I’ll never forget the look on Woody’s face when he says that she was sold at a yard sale. Don’t worry Woody. Your girl is coming back. However, she is looking way more tough than in the picture above. Take a look:

I am all about this epic version of Bo Peep. I cannot wait to experience her come back. Toy Story 4 releases this Summer.

Check out the teaser here:

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