Beehive Launches 3 New Illuminated Editions On Kickstarter: Crime & Punishment, Peter Pan & The Blazing World

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve given a fair amount of attention to the beautiful editions that Beehive Books have been producing via highly funded campaigns on Kickstarter–often working with prominent comic artists for those illustrations or bringing the work of forgotten comic creators of yesteryear to light.

Recently, they started shipping their first wave of their special imprint Illuminated Editions, to backers of their previous campaign, a set of books which featured Bill Sienkiewicz, Yuko Shimizu, and Paul Pope, illustrating H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde and Algernon Blackwood respectively.

But with that event, they also decided to announce and launch their second campaign in the Illuminated Editions line, and their new line includes three books illustrated by Dave McKean, Brecht Evens, and Rebekka Dunlap respectively:

These books are oversized nine by twelve inch hardcovers, lushly illuminated in full color, full of illustrations, with cloth binding, the highest production values, and beautiful modern designs.

Each book needs to be backed at $100.00, but discounts are available for bulk purchases, according to the campaign page. Find out why Beehive’s previous line earned $170,000 for their campaign!

You can check out the campaign here, and the teaser video below:

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