Team Arrow Faces A New Threat In A Preview Of Next Week’s Arrow

by Erik Amaya


Team Arrow is back. They’re a deputized unit of the Star City Police Department and ready to take on new challenges. But as this preview for next week’s show reveals, their next mission may leave them on bad footing and lacking one key voice: Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy).

If you notice the swipe the suspect takes at Dinah, you’ll see a certain tease for Dinah’s state in the flash-forward. At some point, her throat will be sliced and she will apparently lose her canary cry. But that doesn’t mean it will happen next week. If it does, though, we’re one step closer to the new status quo in which the vigilantes failed Star City and the Glades becomes its own community.

You almost have to wonder if Season 8 will predominately take place in the future now that Connor (Joseph David-Jones) has been spotted with Maya (Katherine McNamara).

Nonetheless, last night’s show was a nice look back on the series as a whole with special appearances by Paul Blackthorne, Willa Holland, Caity Lotz and an extremely goofy Grant Gustin. The vigilante documentary was a nice fit for the series and Arrow should consider breaking format more often. It energized the show.

Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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