Check Out The Opening 12 Minutes Of Far Cry: New Dawn

by Sage Ashford

Barely a few days away from its release, Ubisoft has brought us both a launch trailer and twelve minutes of gameplay for their new title, Far Cry: New Dawn. Featuring all the left over pastel colors from Watch Dogs 2, the launch trailer is narrated by one of the twins, the main villains of the game, offering a rather juvenile view of the apocalyptic wasteland they’ve found themselves in. Granted, knowing Far Cry’s penchant for making the villain right, ultimately the story will likely involve some acknowledgment of how even the player simply views this world as a massive playground for them to enjoy.

Meanwhile the other trailer they dropped shows off literally the first twelve minutes of the game, starting with the ending of Far Cry 5, a dangerous meeting with the Twins and the Highwaymen, and leading the story right up until how the player finds their way back to where everything began: Hope County.

Far Cry: New Dawn is available for PS4, XBox One, and PC on February 15th.

Sage Ashford

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