5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 90: “Mitsuki And Sekiei”

by Sage Ashford


Ku’s plans are in ashes, while his life and those of his allies is running out.   Elsewhere, Ohnoki makes plans to return to the heart of the action. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. They did Kirara dirty. Of the new characters introduced in this arc, Kirara was arguably one we saw the least from until the end. Kokuyou served as the major antagonist for the second half of this arc, getting into it with both Team 7 (minus Mitsuki) and Team 10 several times, and serving as this overwhelming foe for them to overcome.  Ku’s the main antagonist the arc is built around, and Sekiei’s story with Mitsuki is the emotional thrust of this entire arc. Kakou was something of a nothing character too, but there wasn’t much depth to him–he wanted interesting fights, he died in a fight, you can’t expect much from him.

But Kirara is basically in the shadows for most of this arc, even down to the end.  She’s used by Ku to manipulate the humans mentally and keep things under wraps for as long as possible, and we know she wants to become human through consumption–constantly buying things humans have. But then when she finally takes the stage as an actual fighter suddenly we discover she’s psychotic sadist who enjoys manipulating people.  And when that fails, she immediately turns to murder, claiming anything that doesn’t do what she wants simply “isn’t beautiful”.

That brings us to this episode, and her final fight with Boruto and Sarada.  Once they realize how to fight the Akuta and that it’s basically like beating the putties from Power Rangers, she decides her best option is to “make her monster grow”, combining all the Akuta into one giant sand golem. This leads to a pretty sweet kaiju battle, with Boruto summoning Garaga to help him in the fight while Sarada goes head on with Kirara.   The end of this is Kirara being tricked by the Sharingan and taking several lightning bolts, before Boruto and Garaga bring down her golem…which ends up crushing her while she screams in anguish at how helpless she was to avoid her fate. It’s such an ignominious end for a character who barely got any development in the first place, and when we got it they just mashed the “horrible person” button as hard as they could so we’d think she’d deserve a “rocks fall, everybody dies” ending.

2. Here on the opposite end, we have what happens when you don’t raise your child to understand that your friends can have other friends. The battle between Sekiei and Mitsuki comes down to Sekiei using up all of his chakra and life force to kill Mitsuki, while Mitsuki tries to explain they can still be friends.  While Boruto and Sarada struggled with Sekiei, the secret to beating him turns out to be just having enough places to hide behind to avoid getting damaged from his explosives–Mitsuki just hides behind buildings until Sekiei finally runs out of energy, never making a real attempt to fight his friend.

There is a pretty cool moment shown above where, after making multiple attempts to get Sekiei to calm down, Mitsuki finally realizes there’s no hope for the reconciliation he wants.  It’s an ever so slight change in facial features, just before the fight reaches its conclusion.  There’s a lot to this fight, as we get much of the insight into Mitsuki I’d been complaining about: he left with them to see if they posed any threat to the Hidden Leaf, and along the way he realized he did feel lonely because Boruto’s a jerk who never listens to him, but his belief in his friends never wavered.  He even points out that the way they’ve been operating can’t make them anything but villains to the humans, rather than the protectors Ohnoki desired them to be. By the end, Sekiei almost seems to understand they could have been friends…only to have his body fall apart at the end. I suppose I should’ve seen it coming, but seeing Sekiei’s body crumble before they could share one Best Friend Fist Bump felt abnormally cruel.  But I’ve been saying this is where the story was going for months now.

3. This arc’s nearly done so as it winds down so it’s time to wrap up all our loose ends. Even though this entire show is filler, it’s crazy how they’re treating this arc something like filler in itself, with everyone winding up dead and things mostly unchanged by the end.  Ku fleed from everyone at the start of the episode to make it back to the mad scientist in hopes of getting a heart and being stablized, only to find the scientist tied up and helpless.  Upon freeing him, Ku learns the heart’s basically finished aside from the human cells…and just like that, Ku decides to put an end to the guy.

An obvious plot twist, it’s hard to get any pity from the situation considering the scientist had no issues sentencing five young men to their deaths to complete this task.  At least they’ve kept the number of people insane enough to use White Zetsu from growing any higher.

4. Speaking of people dying, now we finally know where this whole Ohnoki thing is going. He’s found by Sekki mid-episode but rather than escaping he asks to be taken directly to the action.  He’ll make up for all of this by helping to beat Ku but it’ll cost him, and that’ll be how he atones for having his entire village taken over by Mister Gepetto’s Pinocchio Ninja army and a jacked up version of Rita Repulsa’s putties.  Just hopefully he keeps Sekki safe–that goofball is beginning to grow on me as comic relief.

5. When the boss nearly killed you but you had one last Full Heal left.  Seriously Ku went from threatening Team 7 only to realize his body was literally falling apart and running away, to standing atop a building and going “Hello, weaklings” in a matter of minutes.  Hyped up after stabilizing his body, guess we get to see next episode what it’s like now that Cell’s reached his Final form.

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