Titan Merch Offer Up More Of The Beatles Yellow Submarine Collectibles This April

by Oliver MacNamee

This Spring, Titan Merchandise will be releasing more new mini-figures featuring the Fab Four as they appeared in animated form in the seminal, psychedelic film, The Yellow Submarine. These are a bit larger than last year’s mini-figure offerings, standing at 4.5″ with the addition of the Blue Meanie added to this toy line this time round.

Alongside these 4″ figures comes one of Titan’s most popular submarine variants, the Smiley Yellow Submarine, coming in at 6.5”  as well as reissue of last year’s 3″ Fab Four-Pack, but this time they’re wearing their iconic Yellow Submarine outfits with extra brain-expanding glow-in-the-dark effects. Neat.

Check ’em out when they’re released this April.

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