5 Point Discussions: Mob Psycho 100 2 – Episode 6

by Anna Lindwasser

The sixth episode of Mob Psycho 100 2 dropped on February 11th, so let’s get right into it with a 5 Point Discussion. If you liked this article and other 5 Point Discussions, make sure to share on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. If you have any questions or comments for me, you can find me @fistfuloftea on Twitter.

1.Can we just take a second to marvel at the episode title? Poor Lonely Whitey. The title refers to the employment agency that Reigen’s mom suggests he apply to, as well as his loneliness, but it sounds hilarious. I can’t stop muttering to myself. Poor lonely whitey.

2.Reigen is every bit as messy and depressed as I thought he was, and this episode proves it. He has no one to wish him happy birthday except his mother – not even friends from high school who he’s connected with on Facebook but never speaks to. He has no meaningful human relationships – just people who he’s trying to wring cash out of. This obviously isn’t satisfying to him – if it were, he wouldn’t be panicking in an alley as he questions everything he’s ever done in his life. He’s a miserable millennial who is so absorbed in his hustle that he’s lost touch with his humanity.

3.This is exactly why he tells Mob that his friends are just using him – he knows this isn’t true, but part of him does believe that relationships are transactional, and real friendship isn’t a thing. He immediately regrets saying this, both because he drove an unnecessary wedge between them and because he regrets forcing his depression onto Mob.

4.While Reigen’s character development took center stage here, Mob also had a major breakthrough. He actually stood up for himself and refused to drop everything for his mentor’s sake. He prioritized his budding social life – something he’s been wanting since the beginning of the first season – over Reigen’s demands.

This is huge – before, he would have dropped everything to help him with the exorcism, not because he really cared, but because Reigen told him to. Now, Mob is going to have to find a reason to use his powers other than blind obedience – and he’s going to have to find a new way to approach his partnership with Reigen.

5. It’s funny how this show can take someone who has a legitimate grievance – of course Kirin doesn’t like that Reigen kneed him in the stomach – and make them seem like a ridiculous, over-the-top jerk. Attempting to humiliate someone on live TV is a pretty weird thing to do, especially to someone young enough to be your son. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for him, even if it might have been deserved.

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