Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.6 Recap: A Case Gets Personal For Jake & Rosa

by Gary Catig

Rosa arrives to her next case and meets up with Jake. The two detectives are dealing with a murder of a prominent investigative journalist. The initial details have them puzzled. The apartment was locked from the inside with the alarm still on and all surveillance videos show no one has been in or out. Hopefully, some of New York’s finest can get to the bottom and solve this case.

[*Spoilers For 6.6 Ahead!]

The pair canvas the scene recreating the murder and searching for clues with the help of CSI Franco McCoy. They’re on top of their detective game as they have a good initial breakdown and they have a ton of evidence; it hit triple digits. Afterwards they speak with the victim’s mother and the conversation strikes a chord with Jake after hearing how she was a single mom. He’s so sympathetic to her situation that he promises that he’ll find the killer increasing the pressure to solve the case.

The next day proves to be not as fruitful as expected. They uncover nothing after talking with friends, family and neighbors. Despite collecting lots of forensic evidence, there were no DNA matches, hairs or fingerprints that caused any hits in the databases. They do track down a delivery guy who was the last person to visit the apartment. After pulling the exact time of death from the victim’s smart watch, they deduce the delivery guy interacted with the murderer instead. Unfortunately, he proves unreliable when they send him to the sketch artist because he’s high all the time. In addition, not only is the pressure of the case weighing on Rosa, her personal life has hit a snag after meeting her girlfriend’s parents. Meeting them reminds her of how she is estranged with her mom since she came out.

As days progress, Jake becomes more and more unhinged coming up with crazy conspiracy theories. Seeing the negative impact the case has on Jake, Rosa passes it off to major crimes. However, Peralta still can’t move on as he obsessively reenacts the crime scene at the precinct, on his sleeping wife and at Shaw’s. Diaz is able to convince her partner to let it go and even offers to accompany him when he breaks the news to the victim’s mom. When they tell her, she is very understanding but does confess her regret not having spoken with her son before he died because they were feuding. Now Rosa is the one who becomes emotional and doubles down on their promise for justice.

It’s been so long since the murder, when the two revisit the apartment, the place has been emptied out and cleaned up. The air conditioning is also on which was off previously as to not tamper any evidence. They hear a weird noise coming from a vent and after some inspection they learn someone had been hiding in there. Going back to the surveillance video, they find their perpetrator who snuck out dressed as CSI tech. Jake is able to fulfill his promise to the victim’s mom and Rosa is inspired to reconnect with hers.

There always a lot of shenanigans and fun on the Nine-Nine so it’s always good to see them doing good old-fashioned police work every now and then. It was a very nuanced episode highlighting the relationships between the two characters and their moms. Initially, you think it’s a Jake episode with him overcoming adversity to solve the case but they gradually lay the groundwork to where it’s about Rosa and her longing for her mother after their falling out. Jake’s descent into madness served as a contrast and emphasized Rosa and her issues. It was touching for her to take the initiative to reconnect and the fact there were no other subplots helped focus on Diaz’s development. Also, this episode had a more serious tone and there weren’t as many jokes, though the running gag of Rosa’s changing hair styles was funny. On a side note, I know Franco was meant to be annoying as he was portrayed as a caricature of David Caruso on CSI Miami, but he really is the worst for thinking The Wire is stupid.

My Favorite Lines:

Jake: You know what’s not cool? Our vic ordered his dinner from the House of Lettuce. There’s no way this guy knew he was going to die. No one would want lettuce as their last meal.

Franco: Just do me a favor. Don’t turn into a star humper around me or my squad because they make TV shows about us sometimes.  

Jake: What! They make shows about us all the time.

Franco: Name one.

Jake: Law & Order.

Franco: Never heard of it.

Jake: NYPD Blue.

Franco: Nope.

Jake: Miami Vice.

Franco: No.

Jake: Hill Street Blues.

Franco: Nah.

Jake: The Wire.

Franco: Sounds Dumb.

Jake: Rizzoli & Isles.

Franco: Ok.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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