Explore The Division 2’s Endgame

by Sage Ashford

The original Division felt like every other co-op live service game when it initially released, but over time Ubisoft continued to tweak and add content to the title until it became a beloved game for many people.  It’s no surprise then that The Division 2’s pre-order sales are topping the original game’s, or that this has led to them being confident enough to give players a look at their new title’s endgame content.

This trailer shows off the enemy known as the Black Tusk, a professionally trained group of individuals aiming to destroy The Division and take over Washington and the capital for themselves.  During the trailer we get to see the different classes’ endgame loot, as players work to keep the Black Tusk from destroying the order established while setting up strongholds of their own.

The Division 2 releases March 15th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but has a public beta starting March 1st and going until March 4th.

Sage Ashford

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