No Retreat, No Surrender: Preview Fantastic Four #7 By Slott, Kuder And Marvel

by Oliver MacNamee

Fantastic Four #7 is out this week from Dan Slott and Aaron Kuder, as we catch up with Marvel’s first family and tinpot dictator, Doctor Doom, who’s ready to take on Galactus in one Hell of a showdown. Will Reed, Sue and company team-up with Victor to save the day? Stranger things have happened.

• In a battle between Doctor Doom and Galactus, who would you favor…
• A man who is trying to be a hero to his beloved nation or an unstoppable cosmic force of nature?
• It’s a simple choice, unless you’re Mister Fantastic.
• This dilemma, plus a strange new development in the life of the Human Torch.
• And a long-forgotten threat from the Fantastic Four’s past resurfaces…


Fantastic Four #7 is out Wednesday, February 27th from Marvel Comics.

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