Deadly Class, Episode 7 Review: “Rise Up”

by Rachel Bellwoar

How do you catch a serial killer? Find another serial killer who will work for burritos.

Liam James, Benjamin Wadsworth, and French Stewart (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

This is the delicious solution served by Deadly Class for Marcus’ F*ckface problem (with the cherry on top being French Stewart’s line delivery of, “We’re getting burritos.”). While a deviation from the comics, it completely works. One of the obvious moral quandaries of a school for teen assassins is that there are teachers willing to run such a place and the show is really putting these adults under the microscope, in a way that’s been rewarding. Scorpio Slasher is a no brainer.

You don’t store a serial killer in a building where teenagers live (especially a serial killer who targeted teen lovers) but with him the curiosity is that, of all the killers King’s Dominion shelters, he’s the one they don’t trust to leave unchained. Having him on a leash and pitting him against F*ckface, a guy who loves the dogs, is a wickedly clever ploy, and while Scorpio’s insistence that he and Marcus are alike is surprisingly unconvincing (part of that is him believing Marcus burned down the boys’ home, which he should see through), he also doesn’t take advantage of the “teen lover” vibes between Marcus and Saya and that should’ve been easy.

Benjamin Wadsworth and Lana Condor (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Remember when Saya insisted she couldn’t be seen with Marcus and Billy? Most of this episode takes place off school grounds but, while she’s always quick to mention the risks when it’s Marcus’ relationship with Maria, the result has been Saya and Marcus spending more time together while Maria faces El Diablo (David Zayas) and Yukio (Sam Jin Coates) alone. There are a lot of ways Marcus could have broken the news to Saya about F*ckface. Letting her read his journal? That was a gesture.

While Marcus rules out scoping out crime scenes like Batman as a working plan (absurdly making Scorpio their better option), Madame Gao finds plenty of success playing detective against her brother, Master Lin. A tuned instrument, of all things, is what gives Master Lin away — his daughter, Nahia (Viva Lee), is alive — and Madame Gao (seemingly out of vindictiveness, more than anything else, for having been sent there herself as a child) wants to send her to the Guild for training. If Master Lin has a problem bringing his daughter up to be an assassin, he must realize something’s wrong with the career, yet he’s principal of Kings’ Dominion. Say it’s all been about protecting his family. How does he react, now that the secret’s out?

Other thoughts on “Rise Up:”

Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, Liam James, and French Stewart (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)
  • During one of his conversations with Decapitated Head, Chico (F*ckface’s Wilson), F*ckface mentions establishing an M.O. to gain media attention. The fan is Maria’s weapon of choice but if throat slicing becomes her signature, people are going to notice.
  • Billy, Marcus, and Saya chase after F*ckface’s truck but Scorpio stays behind. Are they going to lose track of him, having let go of his leash?
  • I like that the show took advantage of the scene where Marcus and Saya find Billy in a puzzle room. That scene could’ve been set anywhere but they went the extra mile.

Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on the Syfy Channel.

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