Deadly Class, Episode 8 Review: “The Clampdown”

by Rachel Bellwoar

At the start of the lockdown, Master Lin tells it to his students straight. Everyone will remain in their rooms until the person or persons who killed Yukio and Chico are apprehended. You’d think, then, that Marcus and his friends would be more concerned when the lockdown ends before the episode’s over.

Maria Gabriela de Faria and Benjamin Wadsworth (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Marcus knows Master Lin knows– he’s the one who told him, after being subjected to an unhealthy stream of home movies and dead parent photos. The question is whether Marcus plans to make a full confession, when he starts in about how secrets are turning his friends against each other.

Having lied to Maria moments before, about planning to see her when he broke out of his room (and not clarifying that “busted” means he told Master Lin that she killed two people), Marcus’ big talk seems like a ruse to ensure everyone knows about F*ckface, without actually coming clean on the more interesting (if less pressing) details like Saya and Billie knew about F*ckface before Maria did.

Marcus calls his friends his family but families on this show lie, and while Marcus worries about a potential gang war, the war he should really be paying attention to is the one being waged between siblings, Master Lin and Madame Gao. Using Lin’s daughter as motivation, so that Lin has a personal stake in the lockdown’s success, Madame Gao threatens to take his daughter away if he doesn’t locate the killer(s). The difference is Madame Gao says she’d doing it for her niece’s protection, so does that mean she values family relations or does that mean she has a spy ring made up of students, so of course she can’t be trusted?

David Zayas and Benedict Wong (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Neither sibling consults the other about what to do with Maria, but Master Lin’s body language tells us he’s not immune to El Diablo’s threats. He tortures Marcus for answers but then keeps Maria’s involvement under wraps, letting Yukio take the blame.

There’s no need to paint his actions as saintly. Master Lin wants the heat taken off his school and the quickest way to do that is to sell El Diablo on the suspect he’s already killed but if Lin had no intention of selling out Maria, why not approach Marcus as a friend? Wouldn’t that have gotten him the answers he sought sooner? Or would it have been too much of an impediment – easier to believe Master Lin means his students ill than well?

Last week Gao claimed she saw through her brother’s fake grieving and she might’ve been saying that just to save face, but this time it’s El Diablo who gets served the lie, and if he sees through the grieving there’s no blood connection that will stop him from going after Lin and his clan.

Other thoughts on “The Clampdown:”

Isaiah Lehtinen (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)
  • Marcus doesn’t have time for Willie’s romantic problems and the same could be said of Billie, Petra, and Lex’s comedy relief threesome. It’s not that there’s not emotional weight there, since Billie and Lex like Petra, but Maria, Marcus, and Saya have the love drama on this show cornered. Deadly Class doesn’t need any more.
  • Saya hasn’t been too compassionate about Maria’s bipolar disorder, but she isn’t wrong about Maria killing Yukio for selfish reasons. It sounds better to say she killed Yukio because he betrayed Saya, but she killed him because that’s who Juan and the others told her to kill.
  • Having sided with Maria over one of her own, does Saya join the rats now? Is that precedented, or does she act like nothing’s changed with the Kuroki?

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