The History Of Detective Christopher Revealed In Vindication #2

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Detective Christopher learns of an SD card that Turn Washington’s now-deceased girlfriend had shortly before she died. He wants to get his hands on it, and he finds Turn looking for it too when he goes out to find it. We learn a little more of Christopher’s history and the partner he lost years earlier. In the present, his superiors and even his new partner continue to try to get him to back off from the Turn Washington case. Turn himself has turned to an old PI friend to find his deceased girlfriend’s SD card which can apparently point in the direction of the true perpetrator of the murder for which Turn spent 10 years in prison. It all points in the direction of a dominoes game that Turn is playing in. Other suspects are going to be there, and Detective Christopher intends to be there too.

Vindication #2 cover by Linda Sejic
Vindication #2 cover by Linda Sejic

Vindication #2 deepens the mysteries that have plagued Turn’s life and the public and racial tensions that have plagued Los Angeles as a whole.

There are a lot of characters that become prominent in this issue, and their names aren’t all that unique to help the reader distinguish them. This led to some confusion for yours truly while parsing out the narrative of this installment.

There is still a lot of interesting tension and drama to grab onto, and, of course, the focal point of it is the conflict between Turn and Christopher.

I didn’t find myself feeling much sympathy for Christopher, which is a problem considering he still gets the lion’s share of the focus. He’s an overzealous cop who has no trouble with overstepping his authority and an obsession with Turn Washington. We also learn that he’s had his own history of racist tendencies, and that doesn’t ingratiate him to the reader.

Vindication #2 art by Carlos Miko, Thiago Goncalves, and letterer Troy Peteri
Vindication #2 art by Carlos Miko, Thiago Goncalves, and letterer Troy Peteri

Despite some of the trouble in visually differentiating the characters, Carlos Miko does give this comic a gorgeous treatment. There is a gritty texturing to the world that serves the dark and down-to-Earth nature of the narrative. Thiago Goncalves’ color work adds to that dim tone while looking fantastic.

Vindication #2 is a very flawed product, but it touches on compelling and interesting themes that hit very close to home in the United States. Add to that some great visuals, and you have a book worth recommending. Feel free to check it out.

Vindication #2 comes to us from creators Matt Hawkins and MD Marie, writer MD Marie, artist Carlos Miko, color artist Thiago Goncalves, letterer Troy Peteri, and cover artist Linda Sejic.

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