Uncanny X-Men #13 Tries To Find Hope In Despair

by Tony Thornley

The X-Men facing extinction story has happened many times in their history. This issue continues to set this story apart from those past stories, though, in some important ways.

Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larocca, GURU-eFX, and Joe Caramagna pick up from last issue’s prison break with an X-Men team on the brink.

The team is trying to get their bearings, camping out in the back of Harry’s Hideaway. Cyclops shares a list of “problems” with the team. This sets them in a collision course with one of their scariest foes, and two former X-Men…

Rosenberg continues to tell an exciting story here. The extinction trope was feeling played out before this story arc, but he narrowly avoids it feeling cliche. What sets this version of the story apart is the team is actively doing something about their situation, and that has set a much more hopeful tone to the story.

He also roots the plot in the characters. Cyclops and Havok finally being together after years at odds is a major highlight, with some tension remaining between them. Logan is also a welcome presence back on the team. I hope to see the former New Mutants come to the fore more, but there’s still miles to go so that’s a minor quibble.

Larocca has two major strengths in this issue. His character work helps keep the quieter moments land, especially with Cyclops. He also does a great job in the action scenes, especially in his layout work, keeping every bit of the action engaging. GURU’s colors though are a bit too dark, making some of Larocca’s work hard to follow in a few places.

This series continues to be the most excited I’ve been about the core X-Men title in a very long time. Even with some minor bumps, it’s still good comics.

Uncanny X-Men #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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