ECCC 2019: Bloodshot Reloads With Seeley, Booth & Shalvey This Fall

by Tony Thornley

Bloodshot is about to become the Valiant Universe‘s first movie star, with a film starring Vin Diesel releasing in early 2020. Prior to that, the nanite-fueled hero gets a new series this fall.

As revealed this morning, coming this September is Bloodshot #1 from writer Tim Seeley, interior artist Brett Booth, and cover artist Declan Shalvey. It’s clear from the preview pages that this is the kind of high-octane action story these creators have become known for.

In an interview with SyFy Wire Seeley described some of the threats Bloodshot will face in the story, including a mysterious organization whose name is literally the [REDACTED] black bar that we see so often in spy stories.

The character has gone through an evolution since his reintroduction in the 2012 Valiant relaunch, starting there as a stereotypical gun toting badass with a mysterious past. In the last few years he’s grown into a noble hero and protector, as well as a family man. Now he’s a defender of those who need his help, a great next step from where we saw him last.

Check out some preview pages below, and pick the series up when it debuts in September.

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